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Risk factors for bronchitis that you may doing without knowing it

Risk factors for bronchitis that you may doing without knowing it Smoking or inhaling smoke, pungent odors, chemicals, dust and irritants May cause harmful effects leading. What is bronchitis? Dr. Somsak Ankasilp, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, revealed that is a disease related to the respiratory

Vegetable oil sold in our home market.

Vegetable oil sold in our home market. Is it compressed hydrogen? No, our homegrown vegetable oils are now produced in a non-hydrogenated form. After a campaign to stop using this method in the production. to extend the service life In addition to compressed hydrogenate What other foods contain trans fats?

Odoi admits he might switch to play for Ghana

Nottingham Forest winger Callum Hudson-Odoi insists he has not yet made a decision on changing his citizenship from England, but admits Ghana is a good choice. The 22-year-old has been praised as one of the best . In the wonderkid of the world of football

‘Nagelsmann’ is reluctant to manage the Eagles.

Kicker , a beer media outlet, reports Julian Nagelsmann, the young energetic head coach. There was hesitation in accepting a job with the German national team because of the Football Association. Offering a lower salary than when he was in charge of Bayern Munich, the “Iron Eagle” fired

“Cat fleas” bite people, is it life-threatening?

“Cat fleas” bite people, is it life-threatening? “Cat Fleas” began to interest among people turning animals. Because there news that a female student in Grade 5 was bitten cat’s flea. Infected in the bloodstream and death. Are cat fleas actually so dangerous. That pet owners need to