What is European roulette and how does it work?

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Although there are three different types of roulette and three sets of rules to learn. The game remains one of the easiest to play and understand. Essentially you’re looking to guess where on the wheel the ball will land. And this applies no matter which roulette variant you’re playing. The European roulette wheel differs from its counterparts in one key way: it features only 37 numbers. Unlike other transatlantic variants. It has a single zero pocket, meaning the house edge is lower. As a result, the player has a one in 37 chance of choosing the right number (or 2.7 percent) if they bet on a specific number. This can make the game more appealing to players than its American counterpart.

It is also worth noting that the so-called “La Partage” rule (see below) is not commonly available in European roulette. And can typically only be found in French roulette UFABET 

Note here that its name European roulette is misleading. This version of the game is found worldwide and is the standard variant in almost all countries outside of the United States. Even in the US many casinos make it available to customers. Especially in high-limit rooms where they want to entice players in with more attractive odds.