Ronaldo parted ways with Mendes’ agent.

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Cristiano Ronaldo the 5th degree football striker, Ballon d’Or opens a new program to change the agency. And move the agent Parting ways with his long-time powerful agent. Jorge Mendes goes to his friend Ricky Regufe.

According to the Portuguese newspaper Publico, Cristiano and Mendes parted ways. Because they did not support interviews on talk TV, deliberately targeting the club while. That’s how Manchester United forced to cancel the contract UFABET

which when Ronaldo the 37-year-old footballer sat down for an interview with Pierce Morgan to slander the old agency. With Portugal at the 2022 World Cup looking good. Mendes believes it will be difficult for big European teams to take risks in CR7 again. 

Contrary to the opinion of Regufe, who has been promoted from private manager as an agent Claims that there are still many camps in Europe. The United States and Latin America. But the degree of Ballon Dor 5 declined because he wanted to open the football market. Saudi Arabia Pro League Gae Al-Nasser with wages of 200 million euros – per year.

  The conclusion of the story is that Cristiano has left Mendes’ agent Gestifoot’s office. Despite having been under the agency for over 2 decades. So that a close person can take care of him instead. 

As well as the image rights that used to be given to Polaris Sport. A subsidiary of Gestifoot to earn money, this time it has been pulled back and managed by itself.