Odoi admits he might switch to play for Ghana

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Nottingham Forest winger Callum Hudson-Odoi insists he has not yet made a decision on changing his citizenship from England, but admits Ghana is a good choice. The 22-year-old has been praised as one of the best

. In the wonderkid of the world of football players He was once the youngest player to be called up to the England national team. Happened in 2019 in a match against the Czech Republic.

But from that day until today, Odoi has only been flagged for the Three Lions in only 3 matches, with the last game that helped the nation occur in the match against Kosovo. And he hasn’t been called up by Gareth Southgate since 2020. As

for Odoi, According to FIFA rules He can change his nationality to play for Ghana because he has not played more than 3 matches for the senior national team before reaching the age of 21. If you go back to 2021, Odoi has refused to transfer his contract once

. After being asked about his future with the national team. ยูฟ่าเบท

However, two years later, Odoi was asked the same question again. He admitted that it might be possible and was open about a move to Ghana.

“Not yet decided. I’m still thinking about it,” Odoi told The Telegraph.

“Ghana is a good choice. But I have to wait and see first. Hopefully I can start playing for the national team here. Maybe a Gareth or Ghana team will emerge soon. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we have answers.”