Neville urges Arsenal board to connect Mikel Arteta, if hoping to win the league.

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Arsenal have been urged by Sky Sports analyst Gary Neville to spend money on head coach Mikel Arteta. Because they are in their best position to win the Premier League title again for 19 years. But if you remain silent, it will be frustrating.

‘Artillery’ is cool, Newcastle 0-0 yesterday still leading Manchester City in second place by 8 points. But playing more than one game. 

An observation point from Neville is that the alternatives on the bench do not seem to be able to change the game. Plus Arteta has only changed one quota, Ben White and Takehiro Tomiyasu in the 76th minute. Releasing Fabio Vieira, Marquinhos, two offensive lines hit mosquitoes on the sidelines. 

That made the English Premier League champion 8 times. Recommend the Arsenal board, the winter market is open and then do whatever you want to do. UFABET If you don’t believe the hands of those 2 youngsters and still hope for a celebratory atmosphere like 2004 to return. 

“What’s interesting is Fabio Vieira. I think he’s worth £34 million, right?”

Asked Neville. 

“Mikel Arteta clearly felt that if he played last night. The team’s quality would weaken. when wanting to crush and win”

“So he is not believed to help make the team better if coming off the bench.”

“Arsenal are perfect in passing the ball, putting pressure on the opposition. But without full-backs who are good crossers, lacking midfielders who can switch to attack or in the Kevin De Bruyne style.

“It’s like running out of pearls when being hit by Newcastle. Relying on good defensive game discipline. hold tight Causing problems for the ‘artillery’. The more without a plan from Chois the bench is over.” 

“The team is in a position to be able to chase the championship. So when can I come back to this point again? Will the board or team owners be able to look for a couple of players to help them go from 1 to 3 points?” 

“There are 21 games left to play, there are obstacles, so many situations to face. Both fall behind 1 goal and want to overtake 2 goals. Of course, there must be a trick on the bench.” 

The name of Mikhailo Mudrik from Shakhtar Donetsk has been escalated even though the fee reached 60 million pounds.