‘Nagelsmann’ is reluctant to manage the Eagles.

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Kicker , a beer media outlet, reports Julian Nagelsmann, the young energetic head coach. There was hesitation in accepting a job with the German national team because of the Football Association. Offering a lower salary than when he was in charge of Bayern Munich, the

“Iron Eagle” fired Hansi Flick since the national team break. And proceed to find an agent Started preliminary talks with Nagelsmann and offered a salary of 4 million euros per year.

However, the former RB Leipzig manager accepted a salary of 7 million euros per year with Bayern. Which the “Southern Tigers” still paid. According to the remaining contract until 2026. Despite being released from the position in the middle of the previous season. http://ufabet999.com

The main issue surrounding the move is the salary of Nagelsmann. The DFB have offered Nagelsmann €4m while his salary at former club Bayern Munich. Which he is still getting paid is €7m.

To try and address this issue, Nagelsmann’s group have looked at the possibility of severance pay from Bayern but the club are uninterested in the idea. Bayern believe that it is not their problem. When it comes to Nagelsmann and the DFB trying to reach an agreement. 

The 36-year-old manager’s representative offered Bayern to pay the difference. But the Munich giants Looking at the search for a new boss of the national team It’s not a club problem.

That made talks between Germany and Nagelsmann encounter a big obstacle. And the Football Association They are considering more cost-effective options such as Louis van Gaal, Oliver Glasner and Stefan Kuntz, who is close to being released by Turkey.