‘Mohamed Salah’ to stay with the Swans and insist on hanging up his boots.

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Harvey Elliott, Liverpool midfielder Expressing the hope that Mohamed Salah, the painkiller winger, will continue to stay with the team until he hangs up his boots.

“Mohamed Salah” is still doing hot work since the start of last season. There is even news of a club from Saudi Arabia. who want him to join the army and are ready to spend more than 200 million pounds,

believing that in the next player market Oil rich man Will still try to find the captain of the Egyptian national team. whose contract expires in 2025, ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

Elliott said: “Pray he doesn’t leave. But if he moves I also want to be a person who can learn from him. And apply it to his own game ′

′ Hopefully he will stay here until he stops playing. I will do my best (to keep him) but will also try to learn from him Being on the same team as him is a dream come true. The same goes for everyone within the team.”

“We see it every week. Mohamed Salah is an unbelievable player. And he’s such an incredible person. He has the ability to finish. Has the ability to create games as well. He is important.”

“Mohamed Salah’s creations are amazing. I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t like these things. I think from an outsider’s perspective it might be surprising because he’s known for his goals. So like I said His creation is also one of Toongoo’s. He’s a really difficult player to play with.”

“He has eyes that look all over the field. I tried and asked him. I tried to make it close to him. I try to work as close to him as possible. to learn Learn from the best It really is like that.”