Granit Xhaka urged his team accumulates FA Cup restlessness.

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Experienced Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka urged his team to forget the hurt from yesterday’s 0-0 draw. With Newcastle and focus on venting their frustrations at bottom-tier rivals Oxford United FA Cup. (9 Jan.)

The leader of the crowd dominated the game 67%: 33%, chances to finish the score 17: 8 times. But the four times that entered the frame could not penetrate the ‘Salika Dong’ net and were also frustrated. That the moment of doubt should have awarded a penalty. 

However, the Switzerland captain tried to encourage them to stay positive. UFABET Both prepare to use the League One team as a sandbag to fight for revenge. 

“Of course, if we don’t win the game anyway, it’s disappointing. But I think the performance he showed last night can be proud of.”

“We can create opportunities. But missed out on the little details. Those are some of the things that happen in football.

“Which if last January someone said we would be top of the league when we entered 2023. They would have jumped on it without hesitation.”

“I want to continue like that. Practicing to fix minor flaws. Concentrate on the next game.” Granit Xhaka said.

“The story of the FA Cup game is focused because, like the previous season. The first match was kicked and immediately dropped. I know how important the title of champion is. Both for the club for the fans and next Monday will take another step.

Asian handicap Arsenal against Oxford United two and a half-10. Total score three and a half-10.