Arsenal missed out to win at home with a 0-0 draw against Newcastle.

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Arsenal missed out on a chance to win at home with a 0-0 draw against Newcastle in the Premier League last Tuesday night.

English Premier League Football

Arsenal 0 – Newcastle 0

Venue: Emirates Stadium 

The artillery had a chance to win in the 3rd minute, Newcastle cleared the ball unbroken into Martin Odegaard’s volley in the penalty area. but hit badly, so the ball went over the crossbar after

Newcastle responded sometime in the 11th minute, Fabian Cher passed the ball forward to Callum Wilson, turning a shot from the front of the penalty area. But the ball was not far away from Aaron Ramsdale, who fell and saved it.

The game was halted in the 21st minute when Newcastle’s Shoelinton suffered a head injury following a headbutt on Ben White. UFABET before returning to action after first aid.

Arsenal almost took the lead in the 35th minute from a free kick in front of the penalty area. That Odegaard opened for Gabriel Magalhaes to squeeze in a header before Fabian Cher. But the ball flew past the post a little.

In injury time, Newcastle was extremely thrilled from the left corner kick, Kieran Trippier allowed Fabian Share to head the first post, Choelinton left the header at the far post. The ball just slipped out of bounds. Causing the end of the first half to still be unable to do anything

In the second half.

Arsenal had a chance to shoot before 56 minutes. Granit Chaka flicked the ball for Martin Odegaard to shoot from the front of the penalty area. But the ball flew over the crossbar again.

In the 63rd minute, the artillery found another opportunity. Ben White passed the ball to Gabriel Martinelli. Dribbled in before shooting from the front of the penalty area. But the ball did not pass Nick Pope’s hands. 

Arsenal went hard and had a chance from a corner kick in the 80th minute, Martin Odegaard. Allowing Martinelli to head up and wipe the first post. The ball flew off the post a little far. 

During the rest of the time, Arsenal were unable to score a winning goal, causing the game to end in a 0-0 draw, dividing teams and points.