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Push-ups are an exercise that many people are familiar with. It’s an easy pose. But can manage many parts of the body. 

  • Start by placing your hands on the floor at shoulder-width or slightly wider. Place your knees on the floor at a right angle. back parallel to the floor
  • Raise your knees and use your hands to push off the floor. And tense your shoulders, back, abdomen, and body slightly to keep your body straight in a single line from head, shoulders, hips, to feet without arching your back, arching your back, or lifting your butt.
  • Lower your body and chest toward the floor. By lowering your elbows back.
  • When lowering the body almost to the ground or as much as possible Stop and use the strength from your shoulders, arms, and chest to push yourself back up.
  • Continue for 30 seconds UFABET  

This pose will focus on exercising the muscles in your shoulders, chest, back of your arms. While also using your back, abdominal, and core muscles to keep your body in the right position. Push-ups can also be subdivided into many different types. Both wide-handed and narrow-handed push-ups. Which helps exercise different muscle parts.

“Girl push-ups” are also pretty hard on your knees. Unless you’re doing push-ups on a Yoga mat or a thick pad, your knee joints are pressing against the floor. This can be painful and it can actually lead to knee injuries if you’re not careful.