“Cat fleas” bite people, is it life-threatening?

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Cat fleas” bite people, is it life-threatening?

“Cat Fleas” began to interest among people turning animals. Because there news that a female student in Grade 5 was bitten cat’s flea. Infected in the bloodstream and death. Are cat fleas actually so dangerous. That pet owners need to extra careful? Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Cat fleas bite humans, is it fatal?

Dr. Rattanaporn Tangwangwiwat, veterinarian General Communicable Diseases Division, Department of Disease Control (Kor.), said that usually there is no report. Flea bites cause death. As for the news that there is infection in the bloodstream still not sure. Is it really caused by cat fleas? Further investigation and diagnosis is require. But insisted that flea bites did not cause death. 
Dangers from cat fleas

However, most people who bitten will itch. A red rash at the bite site This may happen immediately or 2-4 days after the bite. Some people may have an allergic reaction on the skin. from touching flea saliva or flea waste Especially around the wrists, ankles that come into contact with animals. An allergic reaction can occur within 2-4 hours of being bitten or last for days. But no serious allergic reactions have report. that shock or even die
Ticks and fleas are dangerous to both animals and people.

Ticks and fleas are carriers of disease to other animals and can be transmitted to humans. Through flea saliva, such as typhus germs transmitted from rats. Cause headache, fever, nausea or tapeworm disease, etc. 
The difference between ticks and fleas

Fleas and ticks are different. Fleas are fast moving, flat body, while ticks are slower. male female Most of the people seen sucking blood until they are large are females.

Protection from ticks and fleas

Because fleas don’t just live in cats. but can live in both dogs Mammals, rodents and hoofed animals Or even the infection in the animal itself, such as blood parasites that cause the death of the dog, etc. Therefore, it is important to prevent pets from coming into contact with fleas. Because if there are fleas, they will wander around the house. and keep happening Fleas need to eliminated in both the animal and the environment. Which can done by

  1. bathe the pet and use flea and tick preventatives. Which currently has a variety of brands Which can last for 30-40 days. Which can given by a veterinarian to give drops or buy standardized drops every month Most importantly, don’t be selfish with cheap and non-standard items. Because it may cause the animal to crip or die as used to in the news.
  2. The flea life cycle has four stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The one that bites us is an adult. can stay indoors for a long time Mostly if the house is messy Fleas like to gather in corners of the house. Therefore, the environment in the house must also clean.
  3. Monitor pets for fleas. For example, some owners are unaware that their animals have fleas. Especially the long hair like persian cat must open the hair under the belly. Which may as a small tick. Some people think it might be something, but it’s actually fleas.
  4. If you catch a flea, leave it next to it. The fist had a chance to jump back in again. Therefore, it must left in water mixed with soap or medicine to die. 

However, reiterate that we can live with pets. But must prevent fleas. and must be careful of allergies in infants or people with low immunity

For flea killers, if it is spraye. You must wait for the fleas to attach and bite your pet first. Does not have a protective effect Drops will help prevent fleas. by instilling on the back of the neck The drug goes to the sebaceous glands under the skin and acts to kill and prevent fleas.