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Basic Crunch are a traditional exercise meant to strengthen your abdominals. Among the many abdominal moves to strengthen your core body. This pose is an abdominal exercise. Anyone who wants to have abdominal muscles or a six-pack, Crunch may help. This involves pulling yourself up without using


Push-ups are an exercise that many people are familiar with. It’s an easy pose. But can manage many parts of the body.  This pose will focus on exercising the muscles in your shoulders, chest, back of your arms. While also using your back, abdominal, and core

Benefits of Bodyweight.

Bodyweight exercises may help you improve your health and create a more toned figure. Most bodyweight exercises are simple and require no equipment. Make it free of charge It is also an effective exercise and suitable for beginners who are just starting to exercise. Proper bodyweight


Exercise is a very effective way to lose weight. Because exercise helps the body burn off more energy and excess fat. The most appropriate exercise for weight loss is Initially, you should exercise with moderate movement for at least 150–300 minutes per week to maintain

“Sunflower seeds” with good benefits

“Sunflower seeds” with good benefits that those who love health should not miss sunflower seeds It is another healthy grain. That many people like to eat. With a mellow taste with full grains, it makes many people enjoy chewing when they start eating. It’s so delicious that you can’t stop. In addition

Vertigo What can cause?

Vertigo What can cause? In addition to these various causes, vertigo can cause by other diseases. Which are cause by abnormalities of the balance organs in the inner ear. Which is the part that controls balance Therefore, if it is found that the initial symptoms of dizziness.